If life is just happening to you, each day blending into the last, with the weeks, months just flying by. 

If you are living a default life, Or If you want to have a different life.  Even if you don’t know what you want your life to look like. Dreams ideation will open your mind to possibilities. 

Dreaming is the gateway to innovation and creativity

All the deets around dreams ideation, is included below, we would love to have you on the journey.  If you are ready to go, signup here

What is a dreams ideation? 

It is a focused period for you to build a habit of dreaming. The process will give you tips, tricks and guides to get your mind in the wonderful state of dreaming. The process will help you capture all the big dreams eg living in the south of France for 6 months every year, to the small ones eg watch a modern ballet. If you haven’t worked out what you want that wonderful life to contain, it is hard to get the life that suits you perfectly, . 

Why do a dreams ideation? 

Life can disappear very quickly while we go through the very important day to day activities for work and family.  You can end up living a life by default, without stopping to decide, is this life really for me? 

Once you have decided what that new life is, then you can plan a strategy to get to the new desired life. I don’t advocate jumping immediately, unless you have at least 2 years of income or your current life is making you mentally or physically ill. Even then a little emergency planning doesn’t go astray. 

What happens if you don’t know what you want in your new desired life? This is where the dreams ideation helps. It helps you dream again. Those dreams will reveal one or many paths open to you. 

What commitment is required? 

1 hour a week for 4 weeks is all that is required to get a juicy list of dreams. 

How does it happen? 

You get prompts on a weekly basis on what actions to undertake, delivered to your email box on a Friday.  They include any templates, tools and links. At then end of week 4 we get together and talk about the immediate next steps - via webinar.

When does it kick off? 

With the end of the year just around the corner. Argh! I want to make sure 2 things happen.  

  1. You get time to create a wonderfully inspiring list of dreams, so you can design your life, on purpose

  2. You have time to design your life for 2019, on purpose

Therefore, it will start, with the first email arriving in your email box on the Friday the 5th October.

Dreams ideation can be a great prerequisite, but not essential, to designing your life on purpose, as you might already have an inkling. 

How do I sign up? 

The link is here , just fill in the deets and you are away 

How much does it cost? 

The ideation series is free, gratis, nada. Although your feedback would be excellent

Who is it suited for? 

Anyone that wants to ensure they are living a full life, not a default life. People who are unsure what to design a life around. 

When is the next one? 

This is likely to happen only twice a year. 

Why miss out when you can designing a life that suits you perfectly right now (well in a week or so’s time) 

So, sign up now!

What happens after the dreams ideation? 

Once you have a fabulous list of dreams your next steps could be one of three;

  1. One on one coaching. You can start with a free 30 min discovery session. 

  2. Sign up for the Design your Life, on Purpose ideation. This series will set you up for 2019, with the beginning of a life that suits you perfectly

  3. Register your interest for a 2 day intensive Design your Life, on Purpose workshop (retreat), likely to be held early November 2018

If you are not sure the free discovery session is a great place to start. (Just so you know, a discovery session can happen at anytime.)

Dream on!


About me!

Christina Morgan-Meldrum (CMM) is an author, speaker, curator, change professional and podcaster. She particularly loves helping people start and scale side hustles, especially creatives and musicians by unearthing what’s possible to design a life that suits you perfectly.

She has cultivated the ability to walk into any industry; see what is not seen, distil what is complicated, and simplify the chaos.  This skill has been forged in a deliberate and concentrated way for over 20 years, through Personal Coaching and working in Organisational Change Management (before it was even a thing).  She is currently working at Blackwoods on an Enterprise Change Roadmap as well as exploring many, many side hustles of her own.

Christina fills her time, coaching people on their side hustles, blogging, podcasting - Quirky & Chenille (Christina is Quirky), learning the piano, while working on Change Management gigs.  If you are looking for her, she is likely at her spiritual home JB Hi-Fi or exploring stationery stores or artisan markets.