I was recently meeting with a client, who realised his original idea wasn’t what he really truly in his heart of hearts wanted to do. Who inspired me to write this wee blog.

Just because you start somewhere doesn’t mean you will end up where you expected to in the first place. In fact, doggedly holding onto the original idea when it no longer inspires you would be cray cray! 

The interesting thing is......

He wouldn’t have worked out his original idea, needed a twist/pivot/change, unless he started exploring the original idea in the first place. 

So, if that isn’t a lesson in just starting, I don’t know what is. 

My personal experience is that you start with one idea and while pursuing it, it bends, morphs, and adjusts. My side hustle journey started with t-shirt design, ideas coaching, teaching musicians to be more entrepreneurial and now helping people design a life that suits them perfectly. One twist has inspired another iteration and than another, with the path not being linear and I love that it has twists and turns.

A theme exists throughout, I like helping people get their crazy, way out there, fanatastical idea started. Will I end there, I doubt it! I literally have a book full of ideas. 

So if you want to start exploring an idea and see where it takes you, just start. If you are struggling to get started or maintain momentum, then I can help...

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About me!

Christina Morgan-Meldrum (CMM) is an author, speaker, curator, change professional and podcaster. She particularly loves helping people start and scale side hustles, especially creatives and musicians by unearthing what’s possible to design a life that suits you perfectly.

She has cultivated the ability to walk into any industry; see what is not seen, distil what is complicated, and simplify the chaos.  This skill has been forged in a deliberate and concentrated way for over 20 years, through Personal Coaching and working in Organisational Change Management (before it was even a thing).  She is currently working at Blackwoods on an Enterprise Change Roadmap as well as exploring many, many side hustles of her own.

Christina fills her time, coaching people on their side hustles, blogging, podcasting - Quirky & Chenille (Christina is Quirky), learning the piano, while working on Change Management gigs.  If you are looking for her, she is likely at her spiritual home JB Hi-Fi or exploring stationery stores or artisan markets.