My dear friend Helen is having a BIG birthday today (10th Sept 2018).  I love being reminded to reflect on the important people in your life and what they mean to you. 

So I decided to celebrate all the Heleny things, that I admire in this awesome human. 

Welcome to the top 5 things I admire about my dear friend Helen (hat tip to High Fidelity)

5. Fabulous sense of style

The first thing you will notice about Helen is her perfect sense of style. She has an amazing ability to wear an outfit that is just perfect for her and always looks amazing, even in her ‘daggies’ 

This personal style extends from her wardrobe to her house and the amazing cabin, her and Andrew built - called Dragonfly Cottages. 

As a bonus, we have the same shoe size, so if she lucks on a fabulous pair of shoes, I know they can be my next purchase.

4. Dance and Sing 

There is music, this is a perfect moment to dance and sing. The key is to dance and sing, whenever and wherever you want. 

When growing up as teenagers we had similar taste in music, which means her taste is awesome. We still listen to music together, but it’s more likely to be at a location than our bedrooms. 

We have a disagreement on The Smiths. Elizabeth and I will convince her of their incredible merits, with a two fronted attack. 

I will write less on this and instead leave this playlist that reminds me of my special friend. 

Spotify List - including the following:

  • Happy Birthday Helen - Things of stone and wood
  • Love shack - The B52's 
  • Blister in the Sun - Violent femmes
  • Don’t you forget about me - Simple Minds
  • I Hear Motion - Models
  • Trip through your wires - U2
  • Can't Buy me Love - The Beatles
  • Poison Pen - Hoodoo Gurus
  • (Just like) Starting Over - John Lennon 
  • Everybody's Talking - Eric Bogle (I could not find this version, so the Four Tops will have to do)

3. Feel all the Feels

There is no denying Helen has one of the best senses of humour. The fold over at the waist, tears streaming down your face, slapping your leg, and possibly snorting type of humour. With a side order of sarcasm, to really get the belly aching laughs underway. 

She also, let’s all the emotions have their place. She encourages it in her kids and never judges how you might be feeling. She gives you the sense that it is ok, giving you space to feel every aspect of it. Even when we us going through a tough time, she lets it be. 

2. Encourages your creativity

Helen is an artist and incredibly creative. She shares her art, in many ways. The best way is to encourage your own creativity with no judgement and no pressure. She just encourages you to start, to give it a go! 

There is no right or wrong way, just subtle suggestions and support. Under her tutilage I have done watercolours, not realising I would enjoy it so much. 

1. Loves you for you

My favourite thing about Helen is she loves you for you. She has been my friend through the super awkward teenage years, to growing into an adult and now as a professional women with my own consulting company and many side hustles. 

Throughout it all she has been there, through the easy, crazy and really tough times. Not expecting me to be anything than who I am. It is an amazing gift and I feel blessed. In her company I am always enough, just as I am.

I could tell from the party speeches a number of people would agree. 


Do I regret not covering this at the party on Saturday?

Yep, I do. I probably should have just winged it.  Anyway, spilt milk and all that. 

At least this way she has a permanent reminder of how special she is to me. It’s out there on the intranet now, FOREVER! 

Love you chickadee