Despite every piece of information almost every motivational speaker will tell you, it is ok to not do for a while. 

You do NOT need to; hustle every day, sleep for 2 hours a night, burn the candle at both ends (maybe even in the middle), post 3 or more times a day, have every minute filled up, have the pedal to the metal, crush it, not ever getting bored.

I happened to spend a little bit of time at Success Resources recent event in Sydney, hoping to see Gary Vaynerchuk.  It didn’t take long and I was done, 11.30am. The second speaker was all I could take. After he talked about not sleeping till you were a millionaire, of which you could only do through him and his way - 'he would give you the brand, he would give you the business, he would work with you to build your profile'.  Here are the hundreds of people (as I only do this for a limited number per city) I have made millionaires in this city and this country and this other city and this other country. The straw (that broke this camels back) was when he was talking about women calling themselves, women something, eg women architect (hello the media does that you tool!). Then interviewing Mel Gibson about what women really want - like Mel Gibson would have any idea.

When exactly, did my mind start to wonder whether this was for me.  Was it when a Success Resources advert was talking about how Donald Trump rates them or was that Trump rates Anthony Robins, either way a Trump endorsement, holds no weight for me.  Or could it have been when an American MC was trying to get the audience excited, “High five the person next to you, saying it’s still too early”  and that Gary only responds to an excited audience.  (Really do not like forced audience participation)

Through all the crap that was flying around 4 things happened.

  1. Having been through events like this, they tick all the bullshit boxes, pitch your profile with a claim to fame, show social proof, make it a scarcity, blah, blah, blah

  2. I have much better things to do with my time, like catch up with my lovely mate Jenn, maybe have a snooze, stare at the grass growing. Plenty of other things, other than being here in these super uncomfortable seats, listening to you prattle on.

  3. There is more than your way, dude! Plus what and who you are is not for me, (even if occasionally you were funny - recognising the natural scepticism in Australians)

  4. It is OK to take the pedal off and take a break, in fact it can be a super powerful.

I am way more productive, and the science is bearing this out (check out this article), when I have lunch away from my desk, when I go for a walk around the block, when I meditate every day, when I exercise regularly. We are not machines, so we need to rest and recuperate.

Did I know this whole resting thing was a fabulous idea?

Nuh! I am go hard or go home type of girl! Filling my to do list (to do mind map - in my case) to brimming.  "Bite off more than I can chew and then chewing like mad.” is my mantra (was)

[How many cliches can one person fit into a blog? I wonder if there is a record I could win]

The universe has been teaching me (through a number of big* and small ways) to value how lucky I am, and more importantly to determine what and how I am going to use my precious and valuable time. It is my time and I get to choose how I spend it. Choosing to do things that fill me up, whatever that might be, an afternoon of netflix, should I choose. Did you know that in the scheme of the universe your life makes up just 1/2 a second - if you go from dinosaurs to today - what will do with your 1/2 a second (

*Autoimmune disease (anklosing spondylitis), Breast Cancer & Iritis in 2013, Cellulitis in 2015 and then bilateral mastectomy & reconstruction last year (2017).  I am not telling you this for sympathy, in fact I hate the pity face.  Just that challenges, can help you determine priorities.  I had started changing my life way before any of this happened, the challenges completely solidified it though.  Don’t wait till you get a challenge to decide to take charge or the life that suits you perfectly.

This year, I have been working on a massive gig at TAFE, that has felt like running a marathon every day and while I had time off for treatment in 2017 (it is not really restful).  Then when changing gigs later this year (2018) I had 6 days off between that gig and the next one at Blackwoods.  Starting a new gig is exhausting, you are downloading a whole lot of organisational history and future plans in your noggin super quickly, so you can help them plan the change they are are to embark on.  At the end of every day, my brain is fried!

This all meant that I was pretty buggered and yet still trying to setup retreats, post blogs, create ideation series and generally keep my side hustle bustling along. Around the beginning of October, with the added wise counsel of my friend, I went - you know what, lets cruise into 2019. I am buggered and totally in countdown mode to my holiday to Norway at the end of the year.  So let’s stop pushing it and just chill Christina!

Early November is the best time to plan your next year 2019 - before the Christmas period kicks into full swing. I have everything ready to run a retreat, so I feel some guilt about not capitalising on this time of the year to set everyone up for a fabulous 2019.  It’s like being a stationery company and not having calendars for 2019 ready for sale.  

I suppose, realistically, the best time to plan a life that suits you perfectly, is when you are ready, so it does not have to be right now. (I think I am trying to convince myself - rather than you). So, this November/December I will set myself up for 2019, and start the year rested and excited about what it can hold.

The whole thing has promoted me to add another “personal rule” to my existing 2:

Yes, you will still see blogs and newsletters, but on the whole a lot less from me.

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Christina Morgan-Meldrum (CMM) is an author, speaker, curator, change professional and podcaster. She particularly loves helping people start and scale side hustles, especially creatives and musicians by unearthing what’s possible to design a life that suits you perfectly.

She has cultivated the ability to walk into any industry; see what is not seen, distil what is complicated, and simplify the chaos.  This skill has been forged in a deliberate and concentrated way for over 20 years, through Personal Coaching and working in Organisational Change Management (before it was even a thing).  She is currently working at Blackwoods on an Enterprise Change Roadmap as well as exploring many, many side hustles of her own.

Christina fills her time, coaching people on their side hustles, blogging, podcasting - Quirky & Chenille (Christina is Quirky), learning the piano, while working on Change Management gigs.  If you are looking for her, she is likely at her spiritual home JB Hi-Fi or exploring stationery stores or artisan markets.