If you have been following along we are going through different types of side hustles, we are on the home stretch now.  Today we explore Making Music/Art or Writing and then the final one in the series, Passion Niche.

Previously, exploring ConsultantCreative Outlet .

In all we go through the advantages and disadvantages.

Making music, art or writing

I kept this as a separate type of side hustle from a creative outlet, as it appears to be more a compulsion than a choice.  I know there is choice in everything, but artists in this space often talk about doing it even if there is no money.

Artists also talk about it being the worst possible way to earn money. It is unpredictable in the worst way, you have to have a compulsion so strong it drives out everything else.


  • Ultimate creative expression
  • Satisfaction in knowing these pursuits change peoples lives
  • You can do part time for quite a while, (Elizabeth Gilbert worked still even after Eat, Pray, Love, which she talks about in Big Magic)
  • Generally, the hours don’t impact a full-time gig, unless you tour


  • Need to be extremely self-motivated
  • Noisy environment, so hard for your particular brilliance to shine through
  • It takes a long consistent presence to make an impact, and then may not work out anyway
  • Often you need representation of some sort to be noticed and appreciated, at least initially

Up next?

Are you ready for the final one in the “different types of side hustles” series - Up Passion Niche, (leaving my fav to last)?

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Christina Morgan-Meldrum (CMM) is an author, speaker, curator, change professional and podcaster. She particularly loves helping people start and scale side hustles, especially creatives and musicians by unearthing what’s possible and working with you to make it happen.

She has cultivated the ability to walk into any industry; see what is not seen, distil what is complicated, and simplify the chaos.  This skill has been forged in a deliberate and concentrated way for over 20 years, through Personal Coaching and working in Organisational Change Management (before it was even a thing).  She is currently working at TAFE on the SMS program as well as exploring many, many side hustles of her own.

Christina fills her time, coaching people on their side hustles, blogging, podcasting - Quirky & Chenille (Christina is Quirky), learning the piano, while working on Change Management gigs.  If you are looking for her, she is likely at her spiritual home JB Hi-Fi or exploring stationery stores or artisan markets.