I am glad you asked.

A side hustle, sometimes called a passion project is different to a hobby and different to a full time gig or job.

In fact a side hustle is the job you do when you are not doing your main gig.

I deliberately chose the word ‘job’ because the difference between a side hustle and a hobby is that you are intending to make money out of it. Although, it could start as a hobby and grow financial, as interest in it grows.

So why the hustle part?

I think it just a funner way to say gig, job or business.

So why passion project?

Sometimes it is called a passion project because you are passionate enough about it, that you are spending all your spare time on it. With all the other things, books, Netflix etc you better be passionate about it to spend time on it.

Do I have to be working full time to have a side hustle?

No. You could be a mum with small kids (or large kids for that matter) and do something on the side. You could work part time and have a side hustle. You could be looking after elderly parents or even volunteer as your main gig.


So simply a side hustle is a part time enterprise that you intend to make money from or are making money from, depending where you are in your journey, but is not your main income.


Do I need a lot of time to start a side hustle?

Nope. You can start with whatever time you have, say 1 hour a week.  Knowing what you want from the side hustle will help you know where you want to take it and how much time you will need in the future.  If you want it to scale fast, obviously the more time you spend on it the better, but not necessarily.  Warning: you might need to watch less TV/Netflix and do less social media, to find the time.


Future posts will cover why you might start a side hustle & the types of side hustles and advantages and disadvantages of them.

Can’t wait to get started?

If you are ready to start or scale a side hustle and want some guidance, regardless of the stage you are at, hit me up for a free 15 min convo, by emailing me on Christina@incahoots.com.au.