Incahoots is always scouring for groovy stuff that will make life easier.get your hands on some of these hot little goodies.

Because, it is all about the Merch!

Seriously, it is.  If your clients love you (of course they do), then as creepy as it might sound, they love a bit of you with them at all times.

Musos know this so well, have you seen the Merch stand. So what are you doing to leave a longer lasting, front of mind impression with your clients. Nothing?

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Yellow & Co Ladies Tee - Apple
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What is Yellow & Co. about?

Yellow & Co is a colourful design experiment.

Here you will find designs with a decidedly colourful theme and well... a bit quirky

So embrace your inner colour freak & browse the different combinations of colour.

Somehow, a black t-shirt even made it in the mix. I can assure you its an anomaly, not to be repeated. (shudders)

Even if you are not quite brave enough to embrace your colour freak, we have sizes for teens & toddlers, so they can fly the colour freak flag for you.

Incahoots Note Book
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Incahoots Workbook

Designed specifically by me (Christina Morgan-Meldrum) for me and also for writing and drawing. This handy little workbook provides inspiration and colour while you’re creating your master plan to take over the world.



Not only have I got merch of my own to buy and share but I can help you manage, create and market yours. Want to find out how to get your own Merch happening? Let's have a chat!

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Working Your Mojo:
Entrepreneurial Thinking for Musicians.

What is Working Your Mojo about?
How frustrating is it to work really hard on something, only to find that it’s going nowhere? You start to question whether you have any talent at all, right? I find that this often happens to musicians, who are in the business of creating something different and unique all the time. Gone are the good old days when you could create something and get exposure pretty quickly, reaching your moment in the sun.

There is a real dichotomy happening at present. On the one hand, things appear stacked against you. The industry deals are going to the tried-and-tested approaches and you can’t get on an international tour unless you are signed with a label. There are far fewer venues in the first place for you to play in and get exposure, building your fan base. Music is being streamed for free: all your blood, sweat and tears… for free! Big festivals where you might be heard are closing down in favour of smaller ones. On the other hand, there’s an opportunity to do things your way, particularly through social media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, mean that you can connect directly to your fans and create a real vibe around your tribe. People from anywhere in the world can access and download your music instantly without waiting for the CD to arrive in store or by post. You can make decisions and drive your music the way you want, launching independently and still achieving success. 

So how to do you capitalise on the advantages of now, while trying to minimise the downsides?

Working your Mojo
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