Design your Life, On Purpose June 2018:

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Thanks Heaps for attending the session, here are the slides from the session.


Inspiration needs to find you working.
— Picasso

Your next adventure, should you choose it....


Design your Life, on Purpose Challenge (Challenge seems an odd word for what this is about)

This is about supporting you on your Design you Life, on Purpose Challenge, through supporting your to break down each of the steps into manageable chunks.  You will receive an email with each step clearly documented for your to complete.  As I mentioned in the webinar,  I have not worked out all the steps, but can see that it could be supported by webinar check in events to see how you are progressing and address any questions. As I am writing this, I can think of ways to do this as a series. 

30 min Discovery session

This is a quick coaching session via Skype.  My experience is that the 30 mins can give you great insights and actions. There is no ongoing commitment and it is confidential.  I will cover the options for coaching, if that is what you choose to do, which can advance your thinking further.

Dreams Challenge (I really need to think of a better word)

100 dreams in 7 days, using different techniques to capture all the dreams that are floating around your head.  This can be used as starting point for defining what you might 'side hustle’ around or to determine what is that Life that you are designing for.

More Incahoots?

And that is not all, plenty more good stuff where that is coming from. The two remaining items on the more Incahoots list are the following:

Know someone Living a Life on Purpose (Working your Mojo Podcast)

Everyone has something super special (MOJO) about them. I am keen to interview people that are “Working that Mojo”  as inspiration for people wanting to know how it all happens.  I am super curious and keen to learn more.  Please suggest those people that you would be interested in hearing how they Work their Mojo.

Design your Life, on Purpose workshop

2 days event to walk out with your 2019 plan all sorted and ready to go. More details later, but if you are interested in working with amazing people creating a life that is designed to work for you, then let me know your interested.